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We are now accepting walk-ins for the COVID-19 vaccine!

No appointments necessary! We accept walk-ins Monday through Friday 10:00 AM- 5:30 PM
Rx For All Pharmacy now administers:

  • Pfizer vaccine
  • Moderna vaccine
  • Janssen / Johnson & Johnson vaccine

    *Reminders: Vaccinations provided are subject to availability.

    Do I need to be a resident of Florida to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?

    State Surgeon General Scott Rivkees issued a Public Health Advisory on April 29 that directs that vaccines shall be provided for Florida residents or to those persons who are providing goods and services for the benefit of residents and visitors in the state of Florida.

    What is the cost of the COVID-19 Vaccine?

    There is no cost. The COVID-19 Vaccine is free to all those who qualify to receive one.