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GlutaDose Wellness

$60.00 $49.99

Detox Every Day

Support Immune Function and Increase Energy

400mg Glutathione+Vitamin C+Zinc

30 Day Box (30 Doses)
Liquid Vials
Made in USA


ONE MONTH SUPPLY INCLUDED – Each box includes 30 single-dose vials of GlutaDose. Vials are ready to use, require no preparation or mixing. It is recommended to take one vial-a-day. Simply open the vial, dispense and hold the liquid in your mouth for 15 seconds, then swallow.

HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS – GlutaDose unique formula is elaborated with the ultimate best ingredients available. It begins with renown Setria Glutathione. Plus all natural Acerola Extract (Vitamin C), Zinc Gluconate and ultra-purified water.

ENJOY A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE – Enjoy a pleasant citric flavor similar to lemon and berry. GlutaDose single dose vials are optimized for low oxidation, elaborated with the best ingredients and most innovative processes. Other liquid Glutathione products in the market have a displeasing taste and smell because of low-quality ingredients, inadequate formulation process and/or high oxidation.

30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you do not love GlutaDose, send us a message within 30 days of your purchase to info@glutadose.com with your order number and we will provide a full refund.
MADE IN THE USA – GlutaDose is elaborated with high quality ingredients in a state of the art facility certified by the FDA.

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