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Medications Fit for You

Indeed, medications are an essential medical resource that helps patients recover from illnesses, manage medical conditions, and prevent diseases. But what if a person requires specific of unique medications mostly unavailable in a typical store? How about children with icky tongues that refuse to take unpleasantly tasting pills? These concerns might linger on some people. But with compounding, professional pharmacists can modify, create, or formulate unique medications tailored to a person’s health needs.

At Rx For All Pharmacy, we specialize in compounding medications to address our patients’ special medication requirements. We have a team of licensed and trained pharmacists who can prepare special prescriptions as recommended by your physicians. Moreover, our pharmacy is authorized to compound pet medications for your fluffy friends.

Medication compounding can:

  • Customize strengths
  • Combine multiple medications into one
  • Prepare special formulations just for you
  • Compound drugs that are no longer commercially available
  • Make your medication in liquid form instead of a pill
  • Add flavors to medications with over 100+ flavors to choose from
  • Eliminate unwanted preservatives, lactose, dyes, and sugars
To learn more about this service, you may call us at 305-456-7500 or send us a message online.